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.15cc Measuring Scoop
1 International Documentation
1.25cc Measuring Scoop Natural
15ml Measuring Scoop
1cc Measuring Scoop Natural
A Certificate of Analysis (emailed)
Abyssinian Oil
AC Adapters for Scales
Airless Jar, Acrylic
Airless Jar, Polypropylene, 30ml
Airless Treatment Pump Bottle, White, 15ml
Airless Treatment Pump Bottle, White, 30ml
Airless Treatment Pump Bottle, White, 30ml - 1470 PIECE CASE PACK
Airless Treatment Pump Bottle, White, 50ml
Airless Treatment Pump Bottle, White, Slim, 10ml
Aldenine PBC
Allantoin USP
Aloe Vera 100X Powder
Aloe Vera 200X Powder
Aloe Vera 200X Powder, 10 lb Bulk
Aloe Vera Juice 1X
Alpaflor® Gigawhite™
Alpha-Arbutin, 1Kg
Aluminum Oxide - Dermabrasion Crystals
Aluminum Oxide - Dermabrasion Crystals. 300 lbs
Amber Extract
Amber Powder
AMTicide Coconut
Annatto Extract 3X - Water-Soluble
Antiaging Facial Moisturizer Kit
Apple Fruit Essence
Argan Oil - Virgin
Argireline NP
Aristoflex® AVC
AromaFix 10KG
Avocado Oil, REFINED, Cold Pressed
Avocado Oil, UNREFINED, Cold Pressed
Babassu Oil, Virgin, Refined
Back to Basics e-book
Baobab Oil, Virgin, Unrefined
Basic Water-in-Silicone Serum Kit
Beaker Tongs
Beeswax White NF Granules
Beeswax Yellow NF Pastilles
Behenyl Alcohol
Biguanide 20
Biguanide 20, 25KG
Blackberry Seed Oil
Blueberry Seeds
Blunt End Spoon
Body Butter Bliss Kit
Borage Seed Oil
Borosilicate Beaker Set
Borosilicate Beaker, 1000ml
Borosilicate Beaker, 150ml
Borosilicate Beaker, 2000ml
Borosilicate Beaker, 250ml
Borosilicate Beaker, 5000ml
Borosilicate Beaker, 500ml
Borosilicate Beaker, 50ml
Bouffant Cap, Disposable
Butylene Glycol
Butylene Glycol, 40 lb Pail
C&E with Ferulic Acid Kit
Calendula Extract
Calibration Solutions
Calibration Weights
Cap Twist Open/Close 38/400
Caprabella Goat Milk Cream Kit
Caprol Micro Express (CME)
Caprylhydroxamic Acid GCG
Castor Oil
Centella Asiatica Extract
Cera Bellina
Ceramide Complex
CETAC 30% - Cetrimonium Chloride
Ceteareth 20
Cetearyl Alcohol NF
Cetyl Alcohol NF
Cetyl Esters NF
Chamomile Extract
Chia Seed Oil
Citric Acid
Cocoa Butter Wafers - Natural
Cocoa Butter Wafers, Deodorized
Coconut Endosperm
Coenzyme Q10 - Q-MAX™
Coenzyme Q10 Pure Powder
Concord Grape Fruit Essence
Corning Lab Spatula
Cosmetic Spatulas Birch 2.5 inch
Cosmetic Spatulas Birch 6"
Cosmetic Spatulas Black
Cosmetic Spatulas Boomerang Black
Cosmetic Spatulas Boomerang White
Cosmetic Spatulas Boomerang White Mini
Cosmetic Spatulas Boomerang White Mini - 5K Bulk
Cosmetic Spatulas Mini
Cosmetic Spatulas White
Cranberry Seed Oil
Cranberry Seeds
Creating an Herbal Bodycare Business
Cromollient SCE
Crystalline Stir Rod, 10 Pack
Cucumber Hydrosol
Cucumber Seed Oil Virgin
D'Orientine S
Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI)
Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI), 11Kg
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)
Disodium EDTA
Dispensing Tube, 15ml with Matte Black Flip Top Cap
Dispensing Tube, 3ml
Dispensing Tube, 8ml with Matte Black DOE TIP Applicator
Dispensing Tube, 8ml with Matte Black MASCARA WAND Cap
Dispensing Tube, Lip Gloss 10ml
Dispensing Tube, White, 15ml with Screw on Cap
Dispensing Tube, White, 30ml
DM350 Dimethicone
DM350 Dimethicone, 4oz Bulk Bottles, Qty 192
DM6 Dimethicone
Drip Clip
Dropper Bottle, Amber Glass, 1oz
Dropper Bottle, White Boston Round, LDPE
Dropper, Glass Medicine, Graduated Measurements
EC400L2 Infrared Dual Laser Thermometer
ECOMulse - Approved for Use In Organic Products
Edelweiss Extract
Emulsifying Wax NF - Lotioncrafter
Escali AH2 Instant Read Dial Thermometer
Escali Alimento 136DK
Escali Digital Thermometer DHT1
Escali L125 Scale
Eumulgin SG
Euxyl® K 703
Euxyl® PE 9010
Evening Primrose Oil, 10% GLA
EX006 Weighted Base
Eyeseryl Solution B
Ferulic Acid
Filling Syringe 12cc
Filling Syringe 60cc
Fision® ActiveWhite
Fision® Instant Lift
Fision® Instant Lift, 5 Kg Bulk
Fision® WrinkleFix
Foaming Apple
Foaming Oats
Foaming Silk
Formulating and Creating Lotions e-book
Formulating Facial Products e-book
Fragrance & Perfume Test Strips
Fruit Acid Complex
Funnel 30.5mm
Germaben II
Germaben II - 44 lb Pail
Germall Plus (Powder)
Germall® Plus (Powder) - 44 lb Drum
Ginger Root Extract
Ginkgo Extract
GLASSINE ENVELOPE for Fragrance & Perfume Test Strips
Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL)
Glycerin, Vegetable
GNAT MX2 Dipslide Incubator
Goat Milk Powder
Goat Milk Powder, 55 lb Bag
Goji Berry Extract
Good Manufacturing Practices
Green Tea Extract
Hair Care Products e-Book
Hands On Healing Remedies
Helichrysum Extract
Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health
Herbs for Natural Beauty
Hibiscus Extract
HLB Calculator
Honey Powder
Honeyquat PF
Honeyquat PF 18kg
Horse Chestnut Extract - Aescin
Hyaluronic Acid < 8,000 Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid ELMW 80,000 - 110,000 Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid HMW - 1.0 - 1.5 Million Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid LMW 0.8 - 1.0 Million Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid SLMW Less Than 50,000 Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid ULMW Less Than 6,000 Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid ULMW Less Than 6,000 Daltons, 3kg
Hydrolyzed Baobab Protein
Hydrolyzed Oats
Hydrolyzed Oats, 10kg
Hydrolyzed Quinoa
Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, 10kg
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC)
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC)
Impulse Heat Sealer 4"
Impulse Heat Sealer 4" Maintenance Kit
Inyline Solution
Iris Florentina Extract
Jar, 10 Gram
Jar, 30 Gram
Jeecide CAP-5
Jennings JSR-200 Scale
Jojoba Oil Clear
Juveleven Solution
Kukui Nut Oil
L-Ascorbic Acid, Ultrafine
L-Ascorbic Acid, Ultrafine, 25lb
Lab Apron, PVC Coated Gray Denim
Lab Coat, Disposable
Lactic Acid 90%
Lanolin USP
Lavender Hydrosol
LC1550 Phenyl Trimethicone
LC1684 Cyclomethicone (and) Dimethicone
LC3569 Cyclomethicone (and) Dimethicone
LC995 Cyclomethicone
Lemon Peel Bioferment
Leucidal Liquid
Leucidal Liquid PT
Leucidal Liquid SF
Licorice Root Extract
Licorice Root Pure Powder
Lip Balm Pot or 3 Gram Jar
Lip Balm Pot or 5 Gram Jar
Lip Balm Tube, Natural
Lip Balm Tube, White
Lip Gloss Wands
Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film
Liquid Germall Plus
Lotion Making 101 e-book
Lotioncrafter BTMS
Lotioncrafter BTMS-50
Lotioncrafter CCT (formerly FCO)
Lotioncrafter EL3045
Lotioncrafter EL3045 - 30 Lbs - HAZMAT
Lotioncrafter EL3045 - 5 lbs - HAZMAT
Lotioncrafter EL40
Lotioncrafter EL51
Lotioncrafter EL51, 40lb Pail
Lotioncrafter EL61
Lotioncrafter Ester AB
Lotioncrafter GMS - Approved for Organic Products
Lotioncrafter IPM
Lotioncrafter Serum SE
Lotioncrafter Wrinkle Defense Complex
Lotionpro™ 165
Macadamia Nut Oil
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP)
Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions
Making Natural Liquid Soaps
Making Transparent Soap
Matrixyl™ 3000
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Measuring Beaker with Spout, 15ml/0.5oz
Measuring Cup, 1 Ounce
Measuring Cup, Calibrated, 1oz /30ml
Measuring Saucer
Measuring Spoons - 4 Piece Silicone
Measuring Spoons - 6 Piece Stainless Steel
Measuring Spoons - Dash, Smidgen, Pinch
Menthol Crystals
Menthol Crystals 25KG
Micro Measuring Scoops
Microbial Test Kit, 10 Pack - Lotioncrafter
Microbial Test Kit, 4 Pack - Lotioncrafter
MICROMini™ Mixer
MicroSilica Spheres
MicroTube Rack
Milk Soapmaking
Milk-Based Soaps
Mini Measure
Minipro Mixer
Miracare Soft 313
Moldex 2800 N95 Particulate Respirator
Montanov™ 68
Montanov™ L
Mortar and Pestle
My Weigh 7001DX
My Weigh iBalance 11000
My Weigh iBalance 311
My Weigh iBalance 5500
My Weigh iBalance 700
My Weigh iBalance i2600
My Weigh iBalance M01
My Weigh KD7000
My Weigh Maestro Scale
My Weigh MX-500
MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator
N-Acetyl Glucosamine - NAG
NataPres Preservative
Natural Baby Care
Natural Foot Care
Naturally Bug-Free
Naturally Healthy Hair
Naturally Healthy Skin
NeoDefend, 25 lbs
Neossance Hemisqualane
Neossance Squalane
Nylon Beard Net
Nylon Hair Net
Nylon Retainer Cord, Blue
Nylon Spreader/Spatula
Olive Leaf Extract
Olive Oil Unsaponifiables aka Planell Oil
Olive Squalane
Olivem 1000
Olivem 300
Olivem 800
Olivem 900
Oliwax LC
OptiBlur™ Elastomer
Optiphen™ Plus
Organic Body Care Recipes
PearlActive™ Caps - Retinol
PearlActive™ Caps - Argireline
PearlActive™ Caps - Brighten
PearlActive™ Caps - Eye Contour
Penstia™ Powder
Pentacare-NA PF
Perfume Vials
Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes
pH-Fix Indicator Strips
pH-Fix Indicator Strips, 10 Pack
PH110 pH Meter FLIR Extech PH 110 Refillable
PH113 Refill Kit
PH115 pH Electrode
Phenolphthalein 1% Solution
PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica - Apple Stem Cell Extract
PhytoCide Aspen Bark Extract
PhytoCide Elderberry OS
Pipette, 3ml
Plum Oil
Pocket Lotion Pump
Pocket Mister, Anodized Matte Silver, 3ml
Pocket Spray Mister, 10ml with Clip
Pocket Spray Misters
Polysorbate 20
Polysorbate 60
Polysorbate 80
Pomegranate Seed Oil, Cold Pressed
Porcelain Dish
Porcelain Dish with Handle
Potassium Sorbate
Potassium Sorbate - 50lb Box
Pouch or Sachet for Samples, Large
Pouch or Sachet for Samples, Mini
Preventhelia Solution
Propanediol 1,3
Propylene Glycol USP
Pumpkin Seed Extract
Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Red Raspberry Seeds
Regu-Age PF
Reproage™ peptide
Resveratrol Pure
Rice Bran Oil
Rollerball Containers, 10ml
Rollerball Containers, 30ml / 1 Ounce
Rollerball Containers, 5ml
Rollerball Containers, SWIRL, 5ml
Rosehip Oil Refined
Rosehip Oil Unrefined
Rosehip SEED Oil, Unrefined
Rosemary Oleoresin (ROE)
Safety Glasses, High Impact
Safety Goggles
Sample Container, 3 gram (1/9 oz)
Sample Cup 150ml
Sea Buckthorn BERRY Oil
Sea Buckthorn SEED Oil
Sea Kelp Bioferment
Sea Kelp Bioferment, 20kg pail
Sepilift DPHP
Sepimax™ Zen
Sepinov EMT 10
Sepiplus 400
Serilesine Solution GC
Shea Butter Natural, Unrefined Shea
Shea Butter Refined
Shea Butter WS
Shea Nilotica, Fair Trade
Shealoe™ - Paraben Free
Silicone Oils Sampler Packs
Silk Amino Acids PF
Silk Amino Acids PF, 16Kg
Silken Therapy Lotion Kit
Silverion 2400 - Tinosan SDC
Simulgreen 18-2
Smart Lotionmaking
Smart Soapmaking
SNAP-8 Solution C - Paraben Free
Soap & Cosmetic Labeling
Soap Crafting
Soapmaker's Companion
Sodium Benzoate
Sodium Carbomer - Preneutralized Carbomer
Sodium Citrate
Sodium Lactate Powder
Sodium PCA 50%
Soothing & Clarifying Facial Serum Kit
Sorbitan Stearate
Spatula, Mixing, Flat 6"
Spatula, Mixing, Tapered
Square Bottom Pots
Stacker Jar Set, 10 or 30 gram
Stacker Middle, 10 and 30 gram
Stainless Steel Lab Spatula
Stand Up ZipSeal Bags
Stand Up ZipSeal Bags Small Qty 1000 Bulk Pack
Stearic Acid NF
Strawberry Fruit Essence
Strawberry Fruit Essence, 5 Gal
Strawberry Seeds
SurfPro™ CAPB - Cocamidopropyl Betaine
SurfPro™ CC-6
SurfThix™ DOE
Suttocide A
Sweet Almond Oil, Virgin, Unrefined
Tea Bags Heat Sealable
Telangyn Peptide Solution
Test Tube Rack - 12 x 32mm
Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, 1Kg
Tetrapeptide-21 Solution
Tetrapeptide-30 Solution
Tetrasodium EDTA
The Aromatherapy Companion
The Ayurveda Way
The Essential Oils Book
The Herbal Home Remedy Book
The Herbal Home Spa
The Natural First Aid Handbook
The Natural Soap Book
The Naturally Clean Home
TN002ci Mini Infrared Thermometer
TN205L Infrared Thermometer w/Laser
Treatment Pump Bottle, White, 15ml, Snap On w/Dip Tube
Tri-Corner Beakers
Trylagen PCB
Uplevity™ Solution
Urea USP
Vanilla Bean Specks
Varisoft EQ 65
Vitamin B3, Niacinamide USP
Vitamin E Acetate
Vitamin E, Mixed Tocopherols 95%
Vitamin E, Mixed Tocopherols 95%, Bulk
Vitamin E, Mixed Tocopherols T50
Weighing Pans, Aluminum
Weighing Paper, Glassine
Weight Boats
Weight Canoes, Anti-static
Willow Bark Extract
Wire Whips
Witch Hazel Hydrosol
Xanthan Gum Clear
Xanthan Gum Soft
Xanthan Gum Soft - 25kg


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Our Customers Say...
Just received my second order from you yesterday. Your service is FAST and the variety and quality of the products you offer are outstanding. The INCI ingredient listing is very helpful.
By the way thanks for the gift.
Judith Gordon

Sesaflash is awesome...I ordered a small bottle of it and think its wonderful....I have to say the shipping was awesome, I live in Ontario Canada..and I received my order in 4 days...will I order again, you bet ya.....5 stars from me

I cannot praise Jen Welch of Lotioncrafters enough for her superlative product offerings, stellar business ethic and truly exceptional customer service.

Orders are always very professionally packed and delivered with jaw dropping speed. She always includes some little surprise token of appreciation, which is usually something you wish you'd ordered!

She responds to all inquiries with lightening speed; generously shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise and really listens to requests for sourcing materials. In short, she's Absolutely Fabulous! I feel SO fortunate to have her as part of my trusted supply chain for nearly 10 years now.

Thanks Jen! Here's to the next 10 years!

Susan Smith Laycock
Absolutely Fabulous Soap Company
Cottage Grove, OR
Susan Smith Laycock, (Absolutely Fabulous Soap Company)

First time ordered on 10th October, 2011 and am just loving the information sent on tracking my order from USA to Australia.. well done
Colleen Hagarty, (Jordella)

Jen, I don't know how you do it- I order on Monday and my order is here on Wednesday, literally across the country! Your products are top notch,too.

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