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Scale Comparison

These charts are designed to let you see at a glance the differences in the scales we offer.  The left hand column gives you a scale's capacity, that is the greatest amount it will weigh. The balance of the columns indicate the degree of accuracy, or readability a scale offers. The first chart is in grams, the second chart is in pounds/ounces.

Please note: the iBalance 601 and M01 models are not listed in the second chart for pounds and ounces as these high precision scales only weigh in grams, carats and troy ounces, not avoirdupois ounces. Troy ounces are used to weigh precious metals, rather than the more common avoirdupois system we use for weights and measures of every day things. A troy ounce will weigh 1.1 avoirdupois ounces or 31.10 grams.



Readability / Accuracy





  50 g



  125g    Escali L125    



 iBalance 201, JSR200



 iBalance 311      



  700g      iBalance 700  



 iBalance M01    


     iBalance 2600  




 iBalance 5500  


       Escali 136DK




 KD7000,   7001DX
  8000g        Maestro
11000g     iBalance 11000  



Readability / Accuracy




0.1 oz

    1.7 oz



    3.5 oz


    4.4 oz    Escali L125    

    7.0 oz


 iBalance 201,  JSR200

 Maestro (to 0.003oz)  
  10.93 oz  iBalance 311      

  17.6 oz



  24.69 oz      iBalance 700  

    5.75 lbs



 iBalance 2600  

  12.21 lbs



 iBalance 5500  

  13.20  lbs

       Escali 136DK

  15.45 lbs



 KD-7000, 7001DX
  17.50 lbs     Maestro (to 0.03oz)    
   24.228 lbs    iBalance 11000    


Due to a UPS issue beyond our control, UPS is not making pickups or deliveries to Orcas Island today. All UPS shipments scheduled to ship today, will ship on Wednesday, October 10th. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause!

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i'll be ordering more of the Shea Nilotica (the 5gallon bucket this time) and likely some product continers as well. Thank you once again for being awesome.

i am so happy to have found this site...i am into healthy hair care, and couldnt afford other sites products. i ordered the shea nilotica, and i am impressed. it was so smooth and creamy, not gritty like other shea butters i've used...wonderful site, and great recommending this site to all my friends...u have gotten yourself a lifetime customer...
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Xanthan gum soft is just simply amazing for skin care, no slimy feel even at high concentrated use.
I have thrown out some of the ones I have acquired in the past.

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